About Us

Rockets and Quakes

is a Berlin-based brand, with Italian roots. Born from the idea of a mom who decided to go for it! Rockets and Quakes designs premium quality, multitasking playsuits for babies & toddlers. We like to see them as family accessories. Great to be part of this amazing adventure a new-born Baby leads her family into!
Our overalls support the little ones’ innate curiosity and irrepressible desire to explore. Its soft, cosy, and stretchy organic cotton fabric let your Baby feel free in her movements. Parenting is challenging! Through this jumpsuit we want to simplify the life of the grown-ups too, offering a garment to support the exciting early years journey. From the sleep-deprived nights to the happiness-fuelled snuggles, every moment is worth embracing and it is a meaningful achievement for your family.

“essentiality” is our keyword.

Rockets and Quakes focuses on both, baby´s and environment´s wellbeing. Consequently our garments are responsibly manufactured, using sustainably sourced and eco-friendly materials. As a result, trusted European factories that implement the highest quality standards produce our babysuits. Moreover, our love for nature transpires from their designs. Nature´s beauties are the main inspiration for our colour palettes. And also for the name we picked to identify each item and style in our collection. Furthermore, we believe we have the duty to do our part to help Earth healing from plastic pollution and excess of waste. Therefore, one of our big achievements is to offer a zero-plastic product and packaging (https://www.rocketsandquakes.com/info-babysuit-sizes-no-plastic/). Uniquely we chose for reusable cotton bags. A perfect alternative to plastic, to naturally wrap our footed playsuits.

Girl playing while wearing our Down Under Reef playsuit with contrast details
Rockets and Quakes #downunderreef playsuit
Amazing reef view from the air - playsuits prints inspired by nature

Schnappi Overalls

Our belief: it is not necessary to have tons of clothes in the closet. On the contrary we promote the idea of having multi-tasking pieces in it. Then to accomplish our mission, we had the idea to create a footed playsuit that is supremely comfortable for everyone. Our schnappi jumpsuit, an Italian design proudly made in Europe, was imagined, developed, and created to add some easiness into your family´s life!

Uniquely, it is an eye-catching colourful baby-grow, playsuit, or pyjamas, in which babies and toddlers feel very cosy, free to move and free to play. Soft organic cotton to cuddle the little ones´ delicate skin, radiant and sophisticated artworks and the unique cut and the attention to details. These details define the playsuit´s identity. Additionally, parents and carers fell in love with our product due to its highly functional features. It was consciously developed to obtain an all-inclusive piece of clothing.

Characteristics such as the accurately hidden zipper and the flat & even seams help to prevent undesired scratches on the babies´ soft skin. We made invisible and out of babies´ reach the snap-button on the top. Furthermore, the 2-way zipper ensures tearless and effortless dressing time and diaper change. It is a label-free garment. Moreover, all relevant information is printed on the “moon of clues” (https://www.instagram.com/p/CNji_bLIpBB/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link), always available in the inner side of the garment.

Additionally, it features cuff fold-over mittens (up to size 9-12 months) to avoid scratching and to keep the hands warm. Also, we integrated in all sizes cuffs fold-over on feet that starting from size 6-9 months feature a grippy silicone print.

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Amazing reef view from the air - playsuits prints inspired by nature
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